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To facilitate a smoother shopping experience for our clients we have partnered with to handle our online store.  All purchases from this site will be handled by's world class order and distribution facilities. is the leading e-commerce company which allows us to piggy-back their systems and distribution network which keeps your costs down and allows you to recieve your products as quickly as possible.  As always, we stand behind our product with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: if you are unhappy with your purchase - for any reason - we will make it right!  We know that we can only continue to grow our business and our brands buy keeping our customers happy.  As always, we thank you for your support!

TractionSocks® are the leading brand of non-slip, non-skid socks on the market! We offer more colors, sizes and styles than any other brand.


These non-slip low-rise socks are made from organic cotton with a reinforced and cushioned heel and toe! These socks are a a great hygienic alternative to bulky shoes -- whether you are lounging around the house, traveling, or performing low-impact exercises such as Yoga, Barre or Pilates. Wear on the plane, in the hotel, or at Pilates or Yoga without fear of germs or fungus! These great socks offer you both a comfy and a secure alternative to ordinary socks or slippers.

DRI® Bags are the ultimate in authentic rugged style!  Made from heavy-duty materials and fittings, these are the real deal.


Using DRI welded-seam technology these bags have no 'sewn' seams so water and moisture cannot penetrate!  All of our seams are made with high-frequency welding that bonds the material into a single, waterproof membrane. There are many companies that sell rugged bags with "waterproof" material but that material makes no difference if they are sewing their seams the old-fashion way - with needles and threads! 


Ask yourself, why would you want to put holes in something you are trying to make waterproof...?

Introducing the world's most practical accessory!


ParaCare® Gear offers bracelets, anklets and belts that are true authentic survival tools! These paracord accessories are both stylish and useful. The bracelets have approximately 9-feet of durable, military grade "550" paracord webbing material and the belts have an incredible 80+ feet of paracord that can be unwoven in case of an emergency!  Certain situations may require a length of cord, such as the need to tie something, the need for a tourniquet, or a sling.  Additionally the ParaCare belts feature an actual climbing caribiner for the buckle! Rugged and built to last, these are the ultimate in cool accessories "with a story"!

DataSafe® Wallets are exclusive patent-pending wallets that are Government Certified to protect you against the rising threat of Identity Theft and Tracking. Today's new credit cards and ePassports contain wireless chips that transmit your personal data. As with any personal data you need to take precautions to keep this data safe so that you do not become a victim of identity theft. These beautiful Italian leather wallets feature our exclusive DataSafe Technology. This patent-pending technology uses multiple layers of radio-frequency (RF) shielding material that has been approved by the Government to meet their strict new FIPS-201 security guidelines. We make multiple styles and sizes that will make all of your travel less stressful with the added benefit of knowing your personal data is not being electronically stolen!

NicecubeZ® is a line of innovative and fun ice-trays!


Since most of us today need a drink when we think of politics, we made our first line of trays with a political theme.  These fun ice-cube and baking molds are the perfect gift this election year! Guaranteed to 'break the ice' on any occasion. These "Political Party" 'donkey' and 'elephant' shaped molds are made from state-of-the-art food-grade silicone that can withstand temperatures from -40-degrees to 425-degrees Fahrenheit. This material is also flexible enough that you can easily get the ice - or cookies, or candy - out of the molds without breaking your wrist!  Whether you are die-hard Democrat, Republican, or 'Undecided' - or know people that are - this is the perfect item to have - or give - to complement anyone's bar. These unique molds are great for ice, cookies, or candy and should liven-up any conversation!

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