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Waterproof Bags, RFID Wallets & Paracord Belts and Bracelets

Kena Kai


About us

Kena Kai is a boutique Design and Marketing company started in 2006 by Geb & Nelleke Masterson.  We develop what is today referred to as "digitally native vertical brands" or DNVB.  These are brands born online with their main focus on the customer experience.


As a bootstrapped company, our goal has always been to develop brands in niche markets - with quality products that offer great value - and focus on customer service with the hopes that word-of-mouth advertising from our satisfied customers would allow us to grow!


Ten-plus years into the business we would like to thank all of our friends who have supported us.


In this time we have been able to develop several brands; DataSafe® Wallets, TractionSocks®, DRI® Waterproof Bags, and ParaCare® Gear.

ParaCare GearWIX2
DRI waterproof gearWIX2
NiceCubez Logo w TagWIX2
TractionSocks Non Slip Socks
ParaCare Gear Paracord Belt
DRI Waterproof Duffle
Paracord Bracelets
DataSafe RFID Security Wallets
TractionSocks Non Slip Socks
DataSafe RFID Blocking Wallet
ParaCare® Gear Skinny Bracelets
DataSafe® Security Wallets
ParaCare Paracord Bracelets
DataSafe Italian Leather Wallet
DRI® Waterproof Duffle Bags

"Developing brands for you and your lifestyle"

Let's talk

16 Cedar Crest Drive

Westerly, RI 02891

Tel: 714.343.3094


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